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Telling Tales

  [1] A Writer's Prayer [1:43]   [mp3 Sample]   [?]
  [2] Harlequin Valentine [23:57]
  [3] Boys and Girls Together [2:39]
  [4] The Wedding Present [28:32]
  [5] In the End [1:58]
  [6] Epilogue - Drums [16:18]

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A Writer's Prayer was written shortly before I began American Gods. I knew the first two verses when I began it, and the conclusion was there when I reached it. This is why I love writing.

Harlequin Valentine was originally written as a short story. John Bolton drew it as a graphic novel. I've always wanted to see a real Harlequinade, but never have. Lisa Snelling made a Ferris Wheel, with strange creatures in each car, and writers wrote stories for each character. I was given the showman, a little Harlequin who took people's tickets.

Boys and Girls Together was written in a hotel room in Boston. It rained outside, and I was certain I was telling the world something very important.

The Wedding Present is a story hidden in my book of short stories, Smoke and Mirrors. Some people who have copies of Smoke and Mirrors have skipped past it, and do not know that it was there. Do not tell them.

The End is the kind of thing I find on my hard disk from time to time -- small, gently apocalypses that I do not quite remember writing.